6 Marketing Trends for 2022

Today, I talk about the top 6 marketing trends for 2022 and beyond and how you can use them to dominate with your marketing in the future. TIME STAMPS 0:00

– Intro 0:20

– 1. Twitter is an underestimated marketing channel 1:50

– 2. NFTs are going to skyrocket in the marketing space 4:57

– 3. Repurposing content for YouTube is a superpower 6:32

– 4. Diversify and own your audience with email lists 7:07

– 5. Community is the future 7:19

– 6. Podcasting is a fantastic tool for building audience 7:51

– Outro

BOOMING E-commerce Trends For 2022 and Beyond!

The numbers are clear: We’ve passed an inflection point, and ecommerce is now mainstream for people of all ages. From books to clothing to groceries, we can get almost anything delivered to our doors, often the same day we click the “order” button on a desktop computer or smartphone.

Ecommerce has leveled the playing field for brands with direct-to-consumer business models that can deliver a stellar online experience. But even born-in-an-omnichannel-world companies need to stay one step ahead of ecommerce trends to ensure the keep up with customer demands and don’t get lapped by nimbler competition.

In this video we talk about the upcoming E-Commerce trends for 2022.